Try It Review: WEN Hair Care System

11:11 AM, Nov 15, 2011   |    comments
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WEN Hair Care System
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  • ATLANTA -- The WEN hair care system by celebrity stylist Chaz Dean claims it's not a shampoo but a revolutionary cleaning conditioner that's supposed to leave hair shinier, less frizzy, with more bounce and volume.

    But at $30 for a 30 day supply, we've gotten a lot of emails wanting to know if it really works.

    So we paid a visit to a visit to Carter Barnes Hair Artisans to get some expert help from co-owner Mitchell Barnes.

    "I love the whole thing about challenging hair and the quality of hair," Mitchell said.  "But mainly it about making a woman feel good about herself."

    Amelia Ray knows all about challenging hair and has been let down by much hyped, magic potions in the past.

    "My hair is fine and it's limp," she said. 

    So after wetting Amelia's hair, we massaged the cleansing conditioner in and thoroughly rinsed it out. Then Mitchell checked the results.

    "A good plus, there's no tangles at all," he said. 

    Mitchell dried Amelia's hair and worked in a little styling cream. The results? He said the hair was clean and looks shinier.

    "It did give it more volume than her hair naturally has," he said. 

    Amelia was pleased.

    "This feels like it has more density to it too," she said.  "I mean I can tell a difference."

    Chaz Dean claims WEN is gentle on hair and won't build up.

    To see we washed Amelia's hair again. The final results?

    "It definitely feels thicker, more volume, more movement," said Amelia. 

    She wasn't fazed by the $30 price tag since you get the cleanser and three styling aids.

    "My rating for the WEN," said Amelia, "thumbs up."

    Be warned - unless you call within 30 days, the seller will bill your credit card $100 and send you a three month supply. Then they'll send a new order every 90 days until you cancel.

    The seller does offer a 60 day guarantee if you're not satisfied and will refund your money (less shipping and handling) if you return the product.

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