Try It Review: Laser Pegs construction sets

10:58 AM, Nov 14, 2011   |    comments
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Laser Pegs construction set
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  • WOODSTOCK, GA -- As parents we always feel better when we get our kids toys that engage their minds.

    Video games and construction sets are at the top of the wish list for Carter and Carson - who dream of becoming scientists one day.

    "I like making Legos - Star Wars ships," said Carson.

    "Ships, cars, pretty much anything," added Carter.

    The Laser Pegs is a new construction set that kids will want to assemble in the dark because all the parts light up.

    The box says it's for children 7 years-old and up but our pair of second graders are a little concerned.

    "It might be pretty hard to build," said Carter.

    "But the things look cool," Carson said.

    The directions look complicated and the boys were having trouble until Mom stepped in with a some advice.

    "Let's look right here," Sandy said, "the wheel needs to go out on this side."

    Our testers tried the three-in-one set that retails for $45. It comes with 72 pieces and directions to make a tractor, monster bug and dune buggy.

    It was not long before our testers had gotten the hang of it and the time came to see if it really lights up. Carson pressed the on button and the dune buggy lit up.

    "Oh nice," Carson said.

    "Cool," said Carter.

    The parts all contain multi-colored LED bulbs.

    The unit is powered by three AA batteries. Each piece feeds low voltage current to the next as you assemble your creation. Of course the more pieces you add the quicker the batteries go. So the optional $15 A/C adapter might save you money in the long run.

    Before long Carter and Carson had pitched the instruction manual and were dreaming up their own projects.

    The set isn't without problems, occasionally you have to wiggle the pegs to get them to light up.

    But our guys loved the Laser Pegs and had a great time.

    "It lights up and also we can make our own things," said Carson.

    Sets sell from $25 to $100 online and at local toy shops.

    "For the Laser Pegs," Carter and Carson said, "our rating is two thumbs up."

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