Try It Review: Mighty Saw

11:54 AM, Nov 2, 2011   |    comments
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Mighty Saw

MARIETTA, GA -- Robert Wheeler is a man of many talents - contractor, gardener and artist. So he's pretty handy with most any tool.

"I've used a chain saw," he said. The biggest problem he admits, "getting it started usually."

The Mighty Saw claims it's the fastest and easiest way to cut, prune and trim.

That sounded good to us. So we ordered a set of two Mighty Saws for ten dollars plus $16 shipping and handling.

"After I saw it in person I thought it was quite flimsy," Robert said. "I mean I'm ready to give anything a try."

The Mighty Saw looks sort of like a chain saw band with a handle on each end. There's no motor, so no need for gas or oil. But that means you provide the muscle.

So Robert donned his safety equipment and wrapped the Mighty Saw around a two by four piece of lumber. Alternately pulling up with each arm, before long the wood was cut.

"It was a workout," he said. "Now if you want that kind of exercise this could be good."

Then Robert used the Teflon coated, steel blade to prune some low hanging branches. It cut it quickly but it was a ragged cut.  One word of warning - just make sure to stand to the side so you don't get hit by the falling branch.

Robert also tried the Mighty Saw on a PVC pipe. It did cut through it but the edge was very uneven.

"With PVC you got to use a hacksaw," he said. "Otherwise it's not going to hit in the same place. It's going to be rough cut and it slides around while you try to cut it. It's just going to be too difficult."

I decided to get a woman's perspective on this saw. It took me more than two minutes of sawing to cut through a two by four and the final edge was pretty ragged.

"It did do what it said it would do but it's a lot of work," he said.
Robert's opinion - for about the same money you'd be better served by a conventional hand saw.

"Getting a hand saw is the best way to go for accuracy and ease," he said. "But it does what it says so I would give it a thumb up and a thumb down."

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