Try It Review: Rotoshave

10:07 AM, Oct 26, 2011   |    comments
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Rotoshave by Emjoi

ATLANTA -- Trying to keep a clean shaven look isn't easy for George Lopez, who has thick, fast growing facial hair.

"I try to shave at night every day," he said.

The Rotoshave by Emjoi guarantees it can shave you closer, faster and safer than any other razor. Featuring nine rotating blades, the maker claims it combines the closeness of a stick razor with the convenience of an electric shaver.

After switching the shaver on the first time, George was concerned about the loud sound.

"It does sound a bit intimidating once you hit that motor," he said.

The directions say to wet your face and use your favorite shaving cream. The unit is waterproof so it can also be used in the shower.

After lathering up George gave it a try.

"It doesn't seem to get as close as my normal razor," he said. "It's definitely shaving."

George says he liked the feel the razor. It's very smooth and easy on his skin but to get all the hair he has to keep going over his face.

"You got to go several times over the area to try to get some of this off," he said. "It's not as close as I would get and there's patches of hair right here and little patch here it didn't get."

The Rotoshave sells for $50, replacement blades are ten bucks each.

George liked how there was no skin irritation.

"I'm not very irritation," he said. "I usually get a little red bumps right after I shave. I don't see that now."

After his first use, George thought he would stay with his stick razor. But we asked him to use the Rotoshave for a while, before giving us his verdict.

After a few weeks George said the product had won him over and he gave it a thumbs up.

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