Try It Review: Easy Reach Plant Pulley

10:09 AM, Oct 26, 2011   |    comments
Easy Reach Plant Pulley
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MARIETTA, GA -- You can count gardening among Robert Wheeler's many talents.

"It's an enjoyment," he said. "It's not work."

What he doesn't enjoy is climbing up a ladder to his hanging plants. He makes his own wire hangers to drop them down to his level.

"When you can't reach up there or you're spraying the house when you're trying to water them," he said, "keeping them low with a wire is the best way for me."

The Easy Reach Plant Pulley claims it can make raising and lowering hanging plants a snap.

The gadget looks sort of like a retractable dog leash. A set of two pulleys sell for just $10.

The maker claims it works with most plant hangers. It doesn't include the hangers, so you'll have to buy and install the hooks yourself.

After connecting everything, Robert tried it out. With a little practice he was able lower and lift the plant with the 30 inch retracting cable.

The ratcheting pulley is supposed to lower and lock at any level and lift back up when you're done.

Robert said it takes a little practice to make it work.

"I think it just takes a little getting used to get it to release," he said, "then after that it sets fairly easy."

The instructions say the hanging plant needs to weigh at least three pounds but no more than 15.

Robert said he's naturally frugal so he'll stick with his home-made wire hangers. But this pulley could come in handy for some folks.

"If you had the need that you want a plant higher," he said, "but have no way of watering it with it higher that could be a good thing to have something like this."

Besides hanging plants, the pulley works with wind chimes, bird feeders and herb baskets.

"For the Easy Reach Plant Pulley," Robert said, "I'd give it thumbs up."

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