Try It Review: Air Hogs Heli Blaster

10:36 AM, Oct 18, 2011   |    comments
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Air Hogs Heli Blaster

WOODSTOCK, GA - As they pretend play, Carson and Carter look like a couple of Star Wars foes. But don't let that fool you, these two 7 year-olds are the kind of best friends that most of us only dream of having.

So we asked them to put down their light sabers for a while and try out a new air rocket toy.

The folks that are best known for radio controlled vehicles - Air Hogs - have now introduced a new air powered rocket called the Heli-Blaster.

Carson and Carter have played with the better known Stomp Rocket so they are eager to give this one a shot.

It took a little help from mom to put the plastic base together but the setup was still pretty simple.

No batteries or fuel needed - this rocket is totally kid powered. Just drop the rocket on the launch pad and jump on the stomp pad. Pressurized air propels the rocket skyward.

The idea is the rocket is supposed to soar up to 50 feet in the air, then the propellers open up and it floats down like a helicopter. Our testers could never it to work like that. The rocket didn't go that high and never descended like a chopper.

After a while, our testers decided the propellers were the problem so they pulled those off and tried again. That seemed to give the rocket more lift.

"That works a lot better," Carson said.

"It flew a lot higher," added Carter.

Carson and Carter's moms said this rocket seemed better-made than other brands but didn't think it performed as well. Still our two testers were having a great time.

"Awesome," they said.

So while the Air Hogs rocket doesn't rise up to the promises, our testers get the final word.

"For the Heli Blaster," said Carson and Carter, "our rating is two thumbs up."

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