Try It Review: Perfect Tear paper towel holder

10:37 AM, Oct 17, 2011   |    comments
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Perfect Tear paper towel holder by Kamenstein
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  • ATLANTA -- Ever try to rip off a single paper towel and get the entire roll instead?

    The Perfect Tear Paper Towel Holder by Kamenstein claims it has patented technology that lets you pull and tear a towel with just one hand and they guarantee no unraveling.

    Renee Dunn is one of the stylists at Carter Barnes Hair Artisans at Phipps Plaza in Buckhead. She knows a thing or two about function and style. She shies away from the "latest, greatest" products she sees on TV and in the stores.

    "I've wasted plenty of money doing that," she said.

    So we asked Renee to give us her unvarnished opinion of the Perfect Tear paper towel holder.

    "I think it looks nice," she said. "I would put it in my kitchen."

    But our number one question - does it do what it says?

    Renee had a lot of trouble at first figuring out how tear off a paper towel with one hand.

    "Oh, it didn't work," she said.

    But Renee kept trying. Maybe it's one of those things that you just need to get the knack of.

    The weighted base is supposed to keep the unit in place but it kept sliding around for Renee.

    "Yeah, I don't like it," she said.

    Then she switched up her approach, unwinding the towel around the roll and pulling. Then it seemed to work well for her and it wasn't unraveling as the ad promised.

    The Perfect Tear holder sells for about $20 at Bed, Bath and Beyond. It comes in a stand-up and hanging model.

    Renee seemed to warm up to it.

    "It's better when you do it like this," she said.

    Renee admits there are a lot of times it would be nice to tear off a towel with just one hand.

    "I can just use one hand to tear one paper towel with this hand that's dirty with chicken in the kitchen or hair color in the salon," she said. "I can just grab at will and go. So that's good."

    By the time she finished off the roll of towels, Renee had a new appreciation for the stainless steel holder.

    "For the Perfect Tear Paper Towel Holder," she said, "I give it thumbs up."

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