Try It Review: Cuisinart Easy Pop Plus Popcorn Maker

9:48 AM, Oct 11, 2011   |    comments
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Cuisinart Easy Pop Plus popcorn maker

The Cuisinart Easy Pop Plus popcorn maker claims it can make crunchy, tasty popcorn in under five minutes.

At $60 retail, our testers, Kathy and her daughter Sarah, have high expectations.

First they pour a couple of tablespoons of cooking oil and a half a cup of kernels into the removable cooking plate. The motorized stirring blade makes sure you get even popping.

After several minutes the gadget is full of perfectly cooked popcorn.

The recipe book comes with cool flavored toppings. First they try the chocolate. Just mix and add to the overhead drip cup and before long fresh, flavored popcorn.

"What do you think?" asked Kathy.

"Good," responded Sarah.

Now Kathy wants to try something with a little more kick.

"We're going to try the buffalo style with the hot sauce," said Kathy.

"I'm not eating that," cried Sarah.

"That's alright," responded Kathy, "more for me."

The cover bowl holds 10 cups of cooked popcorn and doubles as a serving bowl.

"That's good, spicy flavor," said Kathy. "It's not overpowering."

Our testers say it tastes better and is cheaper than the bags of microwave popcorn.

"I like," said Kathy. "Keep the kid away from the hot plate. It's a good product."

Everything cleans up easily and it's dishwasher safe.

Our testers give it two thumbs up.

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