Try It Review: Vroom Broom

1:47 PM, Oct 5, 2011   |    comments
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Vroom Broom

LAWRENCEVILLE, GA -- Stephanie Metzgar cleans homes professionally. When it comes to getting up dust and dirt off hard floors this pro recommends you retire your broom and use a vacuum cleaner.

"Sometimes if it's dust in the corners," she said, "it just sweeps it five or six feet away instead of a little pile."

The Vroom Broom claims it's a revolutionary sweeper that gets to that hard-to-reach dirt that ordinary brooms leave behind.

The secret is an unusual three way bristle design that's supposed to channel the grime to the center of the broom.

"This is kind of neat," Stephanie said, "I'll have to see how this works."

Stephanie really liked the adjustable handle that can collapse to 29 inches for compact storage, yet extends tall enough for her.

"It's stiff like a nice new broom would be," she said, "pretty colors, nice and tall."

First she checked out the claim that you can get into corners better.

"It's not getting to corners very well," she said.

Then there's the claim it channels dirt better with the three-way spring action. At first it did appear to help.

"It kind of pushes it into a little pile," she said.

Still as Stephanie swept - she started to see the springs seemed to be slinging the stuff asunder.

"It almost knocks it. If I was to go like that it kind of pushes it," she said. "This action makes the dust kind of sling away sometimes more than it should."

Stephanie's final take - for $15 this broom isn't bad just not revolutionary.

"For the Vroom Broom," she said, "my rating is one thumb up and one thumb down."

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