Try It Review: MyZone Wireless Headphones

1:52 PM, Oct 5, 2011   |    comments
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MyZone Wireless Headphones

LAWRENCVILLE, GA - Heather Metzgar knows the frustration of trying to study in the same room with other people that are watching television.

"I've actually been in the room when my roommates are watching a movie or something and I'm trying to do something else and then their TV is like really loud."

For just $20, MyZone Wireless Headphones promises to let you listen to the TV without disturbing anyone else in the room.

The setup isn't too complicated. Pop two AA batteries into the transmitter. Then hook the cables up to the audio outputs in the back of the TV.

The headphones require two AA A batteries. Now you tune the headphones to the receiver.

Just make sure you've plugged your cables into the correct audio output. Heather had problems after using the wrong ones the first time. After figuring out her mistake, she tuned her headphones in without a hitch.

"You have to definitely make sure you're on the right output whenever you connect it to the TV or else you'll keep getting radio," she said.

Heather could hear full stereo sound from her TV even though the room volume is turned down.

"Sound quality is great," she said. "Almost better because it's more confined."

The signal is supposed to transmit up to 100 feet, so you can hear your TV clearly even when you make a snack run to the kitchen.

Heather put it to the test and walked outside and down the driveway to see how far she could hear. She was halfway down her driveway, more than 100 feet when the signal starting breaking up.

"You could probably go anywhere in your house unless you have a really large mansion," she said. "These would work great."

Heather's only complain - while the headphones are light and comfortable - they do mess up her hair.

"If you had to go somewhere," she said, "you probably wouldn't want to keep headphones on your head all day."

Heather said the MyZone Headphones would probably also be helpful for folks with a little hearing problem that might need a little help hearing the TV.

"I would definitely give it two thumbs up," she said.

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