Try It Review: Melon Ease melon slicer

9:53 AM, Sep 27, 2011   |    comments
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Melon Ease melon cutter and wedger

LAWRENCEVILLE, GA -- Melons have been called the fruit of paradise, containing a thousand blessings. They're also rich in vitamins A and C, but low in calories and naturally fat free. But their large size can make slicing them up a challenge.

Stephanie Metzgar admits she has cut her fingers with her kitchen knife more than once.

The Melon Ease claims it will safely slice and wedge your melons in a fraction of the time.

"That would be good," said Stephanie.

The directions say to half your melon and spoon out the seeds. Then just press the Melon Ease into the center of the fruit and twist the handle 360 degrees. The arc shaped blade slices and sections your melon in one motion.

"It was easy," said Stephanie. "It pushed pretty well and it turned very slick because this is a really sharp blade."

She quickly had six evenly sliced wedges, although they were a little bigger than we like.

"It's not bite size," Stephanie said.

Of greater concern for her was all the fruit that the Melon Ease left behind.

"It works but it leaves a lot in there," Stephanie said. "I prefer not to waste."

It's also supposed to cut honeydew melons but it left almost half the fruit behind for those too.

"It's too complicated to have to then go back and get the rest of the fruit out," she said.

Stephanie also had problems keeping the unit together. It came apart several times.

"So I'm not that thrilled with it," she said.

On the good side, if you don't mind wasting food the Melon Ease does work and is dish-washer safe. It only costs $5 at

Stephanie decided the Melon Ease would end up being another unused gadget taking up space in her kitchen cabinets.

"I give Melon Ease, two thumbs down."

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