Try It Review: Instant Defrosting Tray

10:44 AM, Sep 22, 2011   |    comments
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Instant Defrosting Tray by Handy Gourmet

LAWRENCEVILLE, GA -- We've all forgotten to take dinner out of the freezer to defrost it until it's too late. Stephanie Metzgar knows that panicked feeling after coming home from work.

"I get home around three or four and my husband wants to eat at five," she said. "So if I have forgotten to put something out in the refrigerator the night before, I need to hurry up and defrost it."

Health officials recommend that you defrost raw meats in the refridgerator to reduce the chance of food poisoning.  But most of us have our own tricks for quickly defrosting meats in a cruch.

The Instant Defrosting Tray by Handy Gourmet claims it quickly and safely defrosts food with no electricity, chemicals or microwave.

"Sounds really good," Stephanie said.

It's easy to use - just pour hot water into the plastic catch tray.
Then Stephanie put a frozen chicken breast and a steak on the non-stick aluminum tray.

To compare, she set out another piece of chicken on a plate and put another steak into a plastic food bag and placed it in a bowl of water.

The directions say not to cover the meat because it will increase the thawing time. Stephanie was uncomfortable with the thought of having raw uncovered meat out exposed to the children, pets and insects.

About 45 minutes later, we check out the chicken on the thawing tray.

"It's definitely thawed out," Stephanie said. "The one my plate has some frozen bits on top of it."

The steak that we put in water was completely thawed. But the one on the tray needed another 10 or 15 minutes.

"Believe it or not it's actually still frozen just a bit in the middle," she said.

The Instant Defrosting Tray is dishwasher safe and sells for $15.

"For the Instant Defrosting Tray, It's not instant in my opinion," said Stephanie. "I do give it two thumbs down."

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