Try It Review: UNinput Portable Charger

12:01 PM, Sep 21, 2011   |    comments
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UNinput Portable Charger

ATLANTA -- Keeping up with the entertainment scene in Atlanta for Metromix keeps Jana Hicks always on the go and always on her smart phone.

"It's pretty insane to go to an event or to be out for several hours and not be near a charger," she said. "You use a lot of juice, getting constant notifications and things like that. Anyone that has an iPhone knows that your battery can die in a matter of a couple of hours."

The Lenmar UNinput portable charger claims it's the only charger you need for all your portable devices.

Just plug in to charge or operate any USB powered device like your iPhone, iPod, Droid or Blackberry.

You can charge in an electric outlet or in your car. Just use the USB charging cable that comes with your phone. The unit has its own battery back-up built right in so you can take it with you on the go.

"After the unit has completely charged you can use this as a backup battery for your iPhone," explained Jana.

Just attach your phone to the UNinput for up to four more hours of talk time. Jana said the way she uses her phone with talking, texting, e-mails and apps - she only got a couple of extra hours out of it.

"It's great as a backup charger," she said. "The only thing is that because it's so big, it's kinda' hard to put in like a clutch or something a bit more fashionable."

The charger is only about three inches high and an inch wide, and weighs just seven ounces - making it small enough to fit in an average sized purse but maybe too big to keep in your pocket.

"Yeah, a nice little bulge, not the best," said Jana after putting the unit in her pocket.

"It's big and bulky," she said. "I have makeup cases that are smaller than this."

There's a charge indicator light to let you know how much juice you have left.

Jana says for less than $20 this gadget could come in handy for some people.

"I definitely say that it works and it would probably help the average person," she said. "The person that really relies and needs their phone like I do to be on and working 24 - 7, I would definitely say no."

"For the UNinput portable charger," she said, "I give it one thumb up and one thumb down."

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