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Try It Review: SliceOmatic

11:38 AM, Sep 14, 2011   |    comments
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  • MILTON, GA -- Sixteen year-old Hayden Moore enjoys helping his step mom, Kimberly, out in the kitchen. He's not about to let his autism keep him from lending a hand.

    Still Kimberly worries he might hurt himself or the slices might not be quite right.

    The SliceOmatic claims it's the safe, easy way to cut up fruits and vegetables. When Kimberly saw the TV commercial she wondered if it might be the answer she's been looking for.

    "It looked easy," she said. "The fact that the blades were protected and I didn't have to worry about if he was going to cut himself."

    So we ordered the $20 gadget and Kimberly and Hayden tried it out.

    To slice, just drop the food down the chute and press the easy glide handle.

    Before long Hayden's apple is perfectly cut up.

    "That worked great for him," Kimberly said. "Didn't have to worry about was he going to cut his fingers or what size chunk you were going to end up with."

    There's a slider bar inside to adjust the thickness of your slices.

    The SliceOmatic has a catch container, although Kimberly wished it was a little larger since it wouldn't even hold an entire cucumber.

    She was also concerned about the construction, because part of the chute broke the first time she used it.

    "It's already got a crack in it," she said.

    Kimberly also had trouble keeping the unit flat on her counter. It kept popping up on one side. And she had a tough time lifting the main body off to get to her food.

    "Putting it together easy to do," she said, "taking it apart a little tricky."

    The gadget did a good job slicing up the cucumber and potato but it made a mess of a tomato.

    "Tomato, a big no," Kimberly said.

    There's also a julienne blade but we never could get it fully chop up the food. One more thing, it's not dishwasher safe.

    Kimberly said she would take a pass on the SliceOmatic.

    "For the SliceOmatic," she said, "my rating is two thumbs down."

    There will be a walk in the City of Milton to raise awareness and money for autism research named for our tester.  Hayden's Walk will be Saturday, September 17, 2011 at 8 a.m. at Kohl's on Ga. 9 in Milton.

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