Try It Review: String Thing

10:10 AM, Sep 12, 2011   |    comments
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String Thing

ATLANTA -- Although he's only been playing tennis for about four years, Jason Wittrock has a passion for the courts. And while this internet entrepreneur says he's in it mainly for the exercise, he enjoys the competition too.

Jason contacted us because he's hoping to find a fix to a problem that bugs all serious players.

"Every time you strike the ball the strings move over a little bit," He explained.

And crooked strings can mean loss of control and missed shots.

Tennis pro, Mark Philippoussis claims that for $20 the String Thing will quickly and easily straighten up your strings and improve your game.

The unit is sold in two different models.  One for normal string patterns and also for denser patterns.

"I want to see how convenient it is," said Jason, "see if it's actually practical to use on the court and see what kind of results we get."

While most players straighten up their strings by hand between plays, the String Thing is supposed to be faster and small enough to keep in your pocket.

So one morning Jason knocked a few balls around then tried out the String Thing. The directions say you just brace your racket against your hip and roll the String Thing up and down.

But he said it wasn't easy to use and took some muscle to run over the racket.

"This is an effort," he said. "My arms are exhausted from that. I can't imagine doing that after every single point."

Still after a few tries, the String Thing did straighten up the strings.

"Yeah, it does look good," said Jason. "But I could probably achieve that a lot quicker with just my fingers."

Jason decided he would keep straightening his strings by hand and save his 20 bucks.

"I give it one thumb up because it does work," said Jason, "but one thumb down because it's just not practical."

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