Try It Review: Pocket Chair

10:16 AM, Sep 8, 2011   |    comments
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Pocket Chair
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  • ATLANTA -- When he's not working on, a new internet bargain site, Justin Wittrock is enjoying the outdoors.

    "Love to fish, camp, all that good stuff," He said.

    Justin admits that finding a place to sit in the wild can be a challenge sometimes.

    "You're usually stuck lugging a chair across your back," he said, "across a couple of rivers you know."

    For just $10, the Amazing Pocket Chair claims it's a convenient and compact chair that folds up and fits in your pocket but is sturdy enough to hold 250 pounds.

    "Hard to believe, hard to believe but we're going to find out aren't we?" said Justin.

    So Justin flipped it open and fastened the safety lock on the bottom of the chair. It was kind of tough even for him but the directions say the nylon straps will loosen up in time.

    The chair only sits about a foot off the ground and you won't be stretching out on the tiny seat.

    "Wow," Justin said, "not the most comfortable chair."

    It helps to have good balance and we don't recommend wearing a skirt either. It's not easy being lady-like as you ascend this throne. We fell to the ground the first time we tried it.

    And that was on a level surface. It's hard to imagine fishing beside a river or out on a golf course.

    Justin tried it a grassy area and flipped over.

    As far as the claim that this is a pocket chair, Justin is able to fit them in his baggy shorts although they didn't look secure.

    Our photographer couldn't get one in his hip pocket. They did fit in his cargo pockets although they likely would have fallen out during a hike.

    "It's just not going to do the trick," said Justin. "Whether you're hiking or at a sports game, it's not a very comfortable chair."

    In fact as far as Justin is concerned - the only reason you would buy it is for a gag gift.

    "My rating for the pocket chair" he said, "is two thumbs down."

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