Try It Review: Swivel Store spice rack

11:21 AM, Sep 7, 2011   |    comments
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Swivel Store spice rack

ACWORTH, GA -- How tough is it to lay your hands on that bottle of paprika in your kitchen cabinet? If you're like Sandy Dranzek, it's a game of hide and seek.

"The spices are never in the same place because when you're cooking you just shove it in there," she said, "and so you're always hunting."

Sandy says it never fails that what she's looking for is in the back of the cabinet, making her stand on her tip toes.

The Swivel Store claims it can get your spices organized and easy to reach in less than four inches of space.

So Sandy took all her spices off the shelf hoped for the best.
The unit is supposed to hold about 20 bottles. It made of plastic and looked kind of flimsy.

The directions say you should distribute the items evenly between both the bottom and top racks, keeping heavier items in the back of the unit to prevent tipping.

Problems cropped up though when Sandy discovered that some of her bottles are too tall to fit in.

"Seems like it's just McCormick and Spice Island that fits," she said.

To allow for the swivel action you have to allow four inches on each side of the rack. You can still store other bottles around it. When you're looking for a spice just slide the rack out and swivel it to face you.

"That's really cool," said Sandy. "It's much better. It's really a good idea. It's an inexpensive price and if it holds up it's worth the money, I think."

Racks are $20 each and are sold on-line and at retail locations.

The maker says the Swivel Store is also handy for storing bottles of medication, crafts and office supplies.

"You just pull it out and turn," she said. "And I have never been able to find the cream of tartar. I dig forever for that."

Sandy told us when she saw the Swivel Store on TV she thought it looked too good to be true. Now that she's tried it - does it live up to the hype?

"For the Swivel Store," she said, "my rating is two thumbs up."

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