Try It Review: Egg Wave microwave egg cooker

9:47 AM, Aug 30, 2011   |    comments
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Egg Wave microwave egg cooker

ACWORTH, GA -- Karen Ayer likes to whip up some scrambled eggs for breakfast a few days a week. You can tell she prefers to stick with the tried and true just by looking at her cell phone.

"Very simple," she said, "no apps, nothing."

For just $10, the Egg Wave microwave egg cooker claims it can get those eggs from the carton to the dining table in just seconds.

"It doesn't look like it's complicated," Karen said.

The set comes with four egg cookers and a caddy. You're supposed to be able to make your eggs any way you like them without adding grease or oils.

Just break the shell on the built-in cracker and put the Egg Wave together.

"Put the lid on," Karen said, "tighten it up and open the vent so the steam can come out."

For a soft yoke, the directions say you cook for 30 seconds. But Karen thinks they could have used a little longer.

"Yeah I would be eating that," she said.

To make a hard yoke, we cooked our egg for 45 seconds. But the egg looks different than the ones out of the frying pan.

"It's not pretty," Karen said. "If you want to impress anyone it's not going to."

There's also an egg scrambler. Just set it in the Egg Wave, snap on the top, shake and then cook for 45 seconds.

"A scrambled ball," said Karen. "We got a ball of scrambled eggs."

But once Karen spread the eggs out on the plate they looked better and while they look kind of rubbery, she says they taste okay.

"Umm," she said, "it's not rubbery."

The set also comes with an egg separator, if you want to skip the cholesterol and just eat the whites.

"I liked the scrambled, which is easy and they come out nice," Karen said. "I liked the egg whites. It was easy and they came out nice."

Although the parts looked messy, Karen says it cleaned up pretty easily and everything is dishwasher safe.

So what's this retired school teacher's grade for the Egg Wave?

"They make the eggs very quickly but the presentation" she said, "they're not that pretty, if you look for presentation. So I would rate them one thumb up and one thumb down."

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