Try It Before You Buy It: Magic Mesh

9:35 AM, Apr 4, 2013   |    comments
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Magic Mesh screen door

ACWORTH, Ga. -- Life has been a struggle for 28 year-old Bobby Drazek after a severe stroke rendered his left side paralyzed.

"It's slowly coming back," he said. "I'm told it just takes a lot of time. Most of the recovery is a waiting game."

Even going in and out the front door can be a challenge.

"Biggest problem is the resistance of the storm door," he said.

So Bobby wondered if the Magic Mesh screen door really could help him come and go with ease. The removable mesh is supposed to open easily and close automatically with magnetic snaps.

So Bobby's Mom, Sandy, helped put it up. The kit comes with adhesive strips that hold the Magic Mesh around the door frame.

"It's very easy," she said. "It's good adhesive."

It also comes with tacks if you don't mind making holes in your wood. Once up, Sandy tried it out but it seemed to work sometimes but not always.

After readjusting the screen several times Bobby tried going through the door but it did not close completely behind him."

"Now will it close?" asked Sandy. "No"

"Getting it situated so that the magnets will come together is a little difficult," she said.

She noticed other problems too, like part of the mesh started coming apart the first time she used it.

"Sort of flimsy," she said.

Also the opening is narrower at the top making it tougher for tall people like Bobby to get through without catching their heads.

"I'm not impressed with the item," Sandy said.

"It's got potential, but needs a little improvement," said Bobby, "stronger magnets for one."

Magic Mesh sells for $20 plus shipping and handling.

"For the Magic Mesh we give it one thumb up and one thumb down," said Bobby. "It's hit or miss."

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