Try It Review: Eggies

10:11 AM, Aug 17, 2011   |    comments
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ACWORTH, GA -- Becci Anderson admits she doesn't boil eggs except on special occasions. Trying to get the egg out of the shell makes her loose her appetite.

"I never end up with a nice, clean egg," she said.

Eggies let you to cook hard boiled eggs without the shell and claims it's as easy as "crack, cook and twist."

But be warned - it takes four parts that have be assembled and rubbed down with vegetable oil to make one Eggie egg.

"It seems a little much," Becci said as she laid out all the pieces.
Then Becci tried to crack her egg and get it into a small opening without getting it all over the Eggie and counter. But she found it tough to do and soon had a big mess on her hands.

"Most of the egg white ended up on the counter," she said, "because the yoke would sit on top of the hole and then the white could not get into the hole and just slime all over the counter."

Then Becci screwed on the top and boiled her eggs in a pot of water. For hard boiled eggs the directions say to give it 15 to 17 minutes.

Becci was not impressed with the product.

"It's so messy," she said, "just much messier than even shelling the eggs normally."

Once cooked, Becci squeezed her egg out of the plastic shell. The final eggs were misshaped and unattractive.

"They have little pits in the side almost like the crater of the moon," she said.

Eggie eggs are not oval shaped like normal eggs but flat on one side.

"I just don't see any way you could make deviled eggs look nice with this," said Becci. "As far as the taste of the eggs it's not bad."

Then of course when you're done there are all those pieces that have to cleaned. You get 12 eggies for $10 plus 16 bucks shipping and handling. They do throw in a couple of egg slicers as a bonus. Those worked fine.

"For the Eggies," Becci said, "I would do two thumbs down."

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