Try It Review: Disposal Genie

1:44 PM, Aug 16, 2011   |    comments
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Disposal Genie

It's the sound that makes everyone in the house jump. A spoon, fork or knife - accidentally dropped down the kitchen disposal. A mistake that can damage your utensils and your disposal.

The Disposal Genie claims it can keep your flatware, utensils and other small items safe in your sink while allowing water and food scraps through. It sells at most hardware stores for just $10.

Our Tester Ann agreed to try it out and quickly installed it in her drain. It's supposed to fit all standard size drains.

"It certainly fits nicely," she said. "I assume all disposals are the same size because it sits right on the lip of the disposal so it won't drop into the blades."

The Disposal Genie was invented by a single mom who got hit with a costly plumber's bill after her kids jammed a small glass down the drain.

It's designed to let food and liquids pass through but keep everything else out. You can even run the disposal while it's in place.

"Anything that has a safety factor is a good thing," said Ann.
The plastic gadget is made with Microban a special technology that inhibits bacterial growth that causes stains and odor. It also has a plastic food scraper that is safe for plates and bowls.

"If you've got little kids," she said, "it could be helpful."

But while Ann thinks the Disposal Genie is a good idea for some families - she likes to keep things simple in her kitchen.

"It is a safety factor but for the absolute functioning person in the kitchen it's a nuisance," she said. "I think I'd rather shovel the stuff in and be careful."

Anne's rating? "One up, One down."

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