Try It Review: Command Hanging Strips

10:27 AM, Aug 9, 2011   |    comments
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Command Hanging Strips by 3M
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  • DECATUR, GA -- The wall at the entrance to Amelia Blunt's home has an interesting look. Where pictures should hang, she has taped sheets of paper.

    "This is my little method for hanging my pictures," she explained. "I kind of trace the frame and hang them and see where I want them at."

    Amelia wants to hang some family pictures but with newly painted walls, she's in no hurry to start pounding nails.

    Command picture hanging strips by 3M claims it's the damage free solution for decorating your home or office.

    "This would be something I would be very much interested in," Amelia said.

    Application is simple as one, two, three. Just expose the adhesive backing and apply to each corner of your picture. Then position on the wall and press.

    "I like that," said Amelia.

    3M recommends you let the strips set for an hour without the weight of the picture but we didn't have any problems when we skipped that step.

    Command strips stick to most smooth surfaces including paint, wood and tile. Sets sell for about five bucks and can hold up to about 16 pounds.

    There are also sets of hooks that can be used in the kitchen or bathroom. Amelia put some inside her cabinets to store her oven mitts.

    "Perfect," she said, "and my mittens are hung out of the way."

    And here's the cool part, if you make a mistake or change your mind, the adhesive removes easily with no damage to your walls. Just hold the strip with your thumb and pull the tab straight down to slide the adhesive off the wall.

    In no time Amelia's entry way is transformed.

    "I like it," she said. "It was easy and they hung the pictures nicely and they seem to hold and you don't have to worry about holes in the wall. That's the good thing."

    Amelia thought the Command Strips would be especially handy in apartments, classrooms and college dorms where damage to the walls is a no-no.

    "For the command strips and hooks," she said, "I give it two thumbs up."

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