Try It Review: Aluma Wallet

7:42 PM, Aug 2, 2011   |    comments
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Aluma Wallet

DECATUR, GA -- Here's a question mainly for the guys. Is your wallet bulging at the seams -stuffed full with I.D.'s, charge cards, insurance cards, store loyalty cards, receipts?

Bishop Johnny Blunt admits his wallet needs thinning out.

"Some of everything," he said.  Everything , but a lot of cash he added.

The Aluma Wallet claims it's the slim and trendy alternative to that old, over stuffed wallet. Made of aluminum it's supposed to hold everything safely and securely.

"It's compact alright," he said.

Bishop Blunt said there was no way the little wallet would hold all his stuff but he did the best he could by putting in his most important things inside.

But problems cropped up right away when he tilted the Aluma Wallet and everything slipped out.

Then the first time we used it one of the storage sleeves tore open.

"Is that the thumb time?" asked the Bishop.

But we asked the Bishop to wait until we could see if it would hold everything securely if the wallet fell. He dropped the wallet but it popped open and everything was scattered on the floor.

"Do I get to do my thumbs yet?" the Bishop said.

We asked him to wait until we checked to see if the Aluma Wallet really is water resistant. So we fill it with paper napkins and give it a dunk. Too bad everything got soaked.

"Do I get to do my part?" the Bishop asked.

But before he voted we still wanted to find out if it really is crush resistant. So we roll over it with a van just like in the commercial. But when we did it the wallet came apart revealing that aluminum exterior is just a thin shell taped to cheap plastic.

"Thumb time?" he said.

The Aluma Wallet is supposed to protect the magnetic strips on credit cards and prevent unwanted scanning of RFID chips. Plus it only costs $11.

With all the facts it was time for the Bishop to give his rating.

"For the Aluma Wallet," he said, "my rating is two thumbs down."

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