Try It Review: EZ Moves furniture moving system

9:33 AM, Aug 3, 2011   |    comments
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EZ Moves furniture moving system

DECATUR, GA -- With four kids and a dog, Dawnetta Guffie always has to move heavy furniture around trying to find lost items.

"Somebody's always missing something," she said.

Usually she waits until her husband gets home for moving and rearranging furniture.

"I don't think my husband likes it when I rearrange or when I get a new idea but I do," she said.

EZ Moves furniture moving system claims anyone can become a one person moving crew with their $20 set that makes lifting and sliding even the heaviest furniture a breeze.

"I was looking over the directions it looks like you hold this up almost like a crowbar and then place this under it," she said. "Then it's supposed to slide."

The set comes with an EZ Lifter that lets you jack up the furniture with one hand. Dawnetta said it made lifting easier.

"It's still heavy," she said, "you still feel the weight of the sofa but you can lift it."

Then you put one of the sliders under the leg. You use the plastic side on carpeted floors and the felt side on your wood and other hard surface floors.

Dawnetta was able to easily able to move her heavy couch by herself.

The EZ Moves says it's great for getting to hard to clean spots and lifting and leveling appliances.

Still Dawnetta prefers that her husband move furniture for her. But she would recommend the EZ Moves for family and single girlfriends.

"I can see me suggesting that so they won't call me and ask me for my husband, borrow my husband," she laughed.

"For the EZ Moves," she said, "I rate it two thumbs up."

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