Try It Review: Furniture Fix

9:42 AM, Aug 1, 2011   |    comments
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Furniture Fix

LAWRENCEVILLE, GA -- Seven year-old Jay Williams is really enjoying the $500 couch that his family bought about a year ago. While his dad, Aaron, doesn't approve Jay has been known to dive on it and use it as a trampoline.

The result, the support springs have given out making it sink down deep in the center.

"I knew it was kind of smushy, said Aaron, "yeah it's a little bit too comfy."

The Furniture Fix claims it can give new life to sagging sofas and chairs with plastic panels that provide lift and support.

A set of six panels sells for $15. One set is supposed to repair a chair and you need at least two or three sets for a sofa.

Aaron positioned 12 panels on the sofa and replaced the cushions, a pretty easy process.

He sat on the couch but the seat still sunk down in the center.

"I see hardly any difference actually," he said.

So he tried extending the panels wider without any luck.

"That's even worse actually," he said.

Then we tried doubling up on the panels.

"Okay, that's an improvement," he said.

But laying the Furniture Fix this way left part of the plastic is sticking out along the edge, plus you would need six sets or $90 worth of panels for Aaron's small sofa.

"They made it a little more firm," he said, "20 to 30 percent, maybe at the most."

Aaron's wife, who weighs much less, felt like the Furniture Fix gave her extra support.

Still Aaron said he will be forgoing the Furniture Fix and saving up for a new sofa - which is just fine with Jay and his dog Pepper.

"For the Furniture Fix," Aaron said, "my rating would be a thumbs down."

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