Try It Review: Nail Perfect manicure kit

4:41 PM, Jul 26, 2011   |    comments
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Nail Perfect manicure kit

ATLANTA -- Even though she's a poor college student, Katie Solove insists on getting her fingernails manicured at a salon once a week.

"A lady has to have her nails looking right," she said.

Katie says she will even skip meals to make sure she has cash for her manicure.

"Find a way to make a way," she said.

For just $10, Nail Perfect claims it can give you salon perfect nails every time.

The kit comes with a plastic support base and three disks.
Katie selects the disk that work best with her nails and slides her finger into the tightest slot. Then she applies her favorite polish. The slot protects her fingers from any accidents.

"Not bad, not bad," she said. "With this you don't have to worry about the sides of your fingers."

The maker claims it's so foolproof you can even paint your nails blindfolded. So we decided to check out that claim ourselves. After blindfolding Katie we asked her to paint her nail. Unfortunately it didn't work out like it did in the commercial because Katie got polish all over her hand.

All joking aside Katie said the gadget did seem to help.

"It did help on the sides," she said, "but I don't think it can replace a manicure because the mail reason people get a manicure is to protect the bottom of your nail to have a crisp line around the cuticle and this does not do that."

When you're finished, just clean the plastic disk with nail polish remover.

It also comes with a little chair to hold your bottle at an angle while you work; Katie said that's her favorite part of the kit.

"For the Nail Perfect Kit," she said, "I give it a thumbs up to replace an at home manicure but a thumbs down to replace a professional manicure."

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