Try It Review: Slushy Magic

2:53 PM, Jul 26, 2011   |    comments
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Slushy Magic frozen drink maker

DECATUR, GA -- Amelia Blunt just loves spending time with her four year-old grandson, Samuel. Kids that age demand lots of attention but she doesn't mind.

"Always want something to eat, always want something to drink" she said, "and it's summertime so he definitely wants something nice and cold."

After seeing the Slushy Magic in a TV commercial, Amelia thought it would be cool to surprise Samuel with a home-made frozen drink.

The Slushy Magic claims it can make tasty slushies at home with no ice and no blender.

So we ordered the Slushy Magic - a set of two costs $20 plus nine bucks shipping and handling.

When it arrived we found out it's actually a product called "Aussie Ice".

Samuel was skeptical that it would work but Grandma was hopeful.

The secret is plastic cubes filled with salt water. Just pop them in the ice compartment of the refrigerator until they're frozen.

Then Samuel dropped the cubes into the shaker cup and Amelia poured in some cold fruit punch.

After screwing on the plastic lid she began to shake the cup.

After a couple of minutes of shaking we checked it out but the drink was still kind of watery.

"Still a lot of liquid," said Amelia.

So they went back to shaking and shaking until they couldn't shake anymore.

"It's still juice," said Samuel.

While it wasn't like a slushy you buy at the store Samuel thought it tasted alright.

"It's good," said Amelia. "It's icy but it still has a lot of liquid in it."

We also tried making a slushy with a cherry cola but you know what happens when you shake a carbonated drink. Cola leaked out of the top.

Actually the soda seemed to freeze a little better but with all those plastic cubes in the cup you only get a few ounces of slushy.

"It's icy but it's not really thick," said Amelia. "I don't think I'm ready to do all this work for a slushy that's not really slushy."

While Samuel liked Grandma's slushies, she wasn't feeling the magic.

"For the Slushy Magic," she said, "I give it two thumbs down."

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