Try It Review: Crispamesh

10:05 PM, Jul 21, 2011   |    comments
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Crispamesh baking basket
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  • DALLAS, GA -- In France they're called "pommes frites", in Great Britain they're "chips" and here at home we call them "French fries" or just "fries". Most folks call them addictively delicious which is why they're one of America's favorite side dishes.

    Lynn Tarczewski is Food Service Manager for a Metro-Atlanta school system, so she's always looking for faster, better ways to whip up meal.

    She agreed to help us try out a new baking tray that's supposed to cook frozen fries faster and better.

    Called the Quickachip in Great Britain, a Sandy Springs man is marketing it as the Crispamesh here in the states.

    "We're going to cook the one the regular way - the old fashion way - and we're going to try our new chip maker," she said.

    So Lynn pops her fries into a 425 degree oven on a classic baking pan and also on the new Crispamesh.

    The 15 inch square basket is made of a Teflon coated fiberglass mesh that's supposed to allow better air circulation, ensuring crispy fries every time.

    So after cooking her spuds the recommended time, Lynn took both pans out of the oven and compared.

    The ones on the regular pan look like they need to be flipped and cooked some more.

    "They're greasier," she said. "They didn't cook even. They're brown on the bottom and still very white on the top and inside they're still kind of raw."

    But the fries on the Crispamesh looked much better.

    "Brown and crispy all the way around," she said. "They're not as greasy and the potatoes are done."

    But what's really important, do our fries cooked on the Crispamesh taste better?

    "Definitely crispier and done on the inside," Lynn said. "This is mushy," she said pointing to the fry cooked on a regular pan.

    Another nice feature - the mesh cools in less than a minute so you can lift and pour your food into the serving bowl. Plus clean up is a snap.

    The maker says the Crispamesh is perfect for cooking chicken nuggets, pizza - most any frozen food. But what does Lynn say?

    "I would give it a rating of two thumbs up."

    The Crispamesh retail for $10 and is sold online at Amazon and the Planit Products web site.

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