Try It Review: Fast Brite Lens Restore Kit

2:02 PM, Jul 19, 2011   |    comments
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Fast Brite Lens Restore Kit

ALPHARETTA, GA -- Eric Levy says his 2003 Volkswagen Passat has served him well over the years. But the years have been tough on his plastic headlight covers which have grown cloudy and unattractive from oxidation.

"If you look at this it almost looks yellow," he said. "It looks very, very, very, very cloudy."

To get a professional to fix it, Eric has gotten estimates of $120 to $200.

"It would be really great if there was a cost effective way to make them clear again," he said.

For just $10, The Fast Brite Lens Restore kit claims it can return headlights to showroom shine in just 30 seconds. Eric thinks it sounds too good to be true.

"I am cautiously optimistic," he said.

The directions are fairly straightforward. First Eric puts some protective tape on the paint next to the headlights, then pours a little lens polish on the special application sponge and rubs in a circular motion.

"It looks like it is having some effect," said Eric.

But long after 30 seconds had come and gone; Eric was still scrubbing and using extra polish.

"Not as easy as the infomercial," he said.

Once the lens feels smooth, Eric pours the lens protectant onto the soft side of the sponge and wipes it clean, then buffs with a soft cloth. Then he stepped back to inspect the results.

"It's not perfect but it is noticeably better," he said.

Eric also used the Fast Brite on his other headlight. In all he went over each light three times.

"This took considerable elbow grease in order to get any kind of impact," he said.

When we compared before and after pictures the headlights were better but definitely not back to showroom shine. But for the price, Eric says it's not bad.

"Right now they're good enough," he said. "Not what was promised, but they're good enough."

Eric said instead of spending 200 bucks at the detail shop he would stick with Fast Brite and pocket the savings.

"For the Fast Brite product," he said, "I give it one thumb up."

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