Try It Review: Lysol Clean-Flip

3:11 PM, Jul 18, 2011   |    comments
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Lysol Clean-Flip

DUNWOODY, GA -- Rochelle Ziglin is breathing easier since she installed wood floors throughout her home.

"I took all the carpet up and put in wood," she said.

While they're easier to clean than carpet, Rochelle's always looking for a better way.

Lysol now offers a combination sweeper - mop that uses those disposable clothes. They claim it's superior to that other brand - Swiffer - because of its larger cleaning surface and the power of Lysol disinfectant.

"This looks like it would do a good job," Rochelle said.

So we bought the starter kit that sells for $10.

Assembly was a snap and in just a couple of minutes Rochelle was sweeping up dust, dirt and hair with the dry cloth.

This mop uses the entire cloth giving it a 66% larger cleaning surface.

Just tap the edge of the sweeper against the wall or with your foot to flip up the edges to clean baseboards and fit in tight spaces.

With the floors swept up, Rochelle switched over to a wet cloth.
"Smells good," she said. "Smells like Lysol."

But suddenly the mop went from apparent winner to disappointment. For some reason the wet mop is tougher to push and awkward to use.

"It takes muscle on the wet one," said Rochelle. "It definitely takes muscles." "When you push it, it's flat down but when you pull it back, it's not cleaning the whole area because it's popping up."

Still when Rochelle was finally done the floor looked and smelled cleaner.

"Lysol is a good product," she said, "so I feel like the floor got clean and that's what you want."

So will Rochelle be replacing her Swiffer with a Lysol Clean-Flip Sweeper?

"I would give it one thumb up and one thumb down," she said,"up for the dry, down for the wet."

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