Try It Review: Salad Chef

10:44 AM, Jun 29, 2011   |    comments
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Salad Chef by Genius Products

DALLAS, GA -- Lynn Tarczewski and her husband have been losing a few pounds lately by eating healthier and avoiding carbohydrates, so fresh salad is on the menu almost every night. Unfortunately that means lots of slicing and chopping because Lynn's not a fan of those prepackaged salads.

"I don't like the prepackaged salads," she said. "They don't last. I don't think they taste as good and they're more expensive."

Salad Chef by Genius Products claims it's a revolutionary new device that can help you make great salads in a fraction of the time. But at $40 plus shipping and handling for the basic unit, Lynn has high expectations.

"The bowl is nice," she said after opening up the box, "looks like the bowl is heavy duty."

The set comes with a large 7 quart bowl, the chopping lid, two cutting blades and a grater.

But before you can use the Salad Chef, there's still a lot of preparation - washing, peeling and slicing down to size. But once that's done Lynn is ready to make a fruit salad.

"Got our little peach," she said as dropped the handle on it. "Wow, there we go."

Lynn said it really made cutting up peaches, cantaloupe and watermelon a snap.

Even a crisp apple was pretty easy.

"Two hands but it wasn't hard," she said.

Before she knew it, Lynn had one tasty looking salad.
"Pretty impressive," she said.

The lid has a self cleaning button that pushes leftover food out so you can wash it away. Everything is dishwasher safe.

Next Lynn whips up a healthy green salad. Lettuce, celery, cucumber, onion - but can it cut up a tomato without crushing it? Lynn was pleasantly surprised.

"I thought it would mush it and it didn't," she said.

After she got the hang of it, Lynn really got moving.

"Get fast you can just use one hand," she laughed.

When she finished she popped on the secure lid so she could store her salad in the refrigerator. Lynn was impressed.

"If you eat a lot of salad and make a lot of fruit salads and eat healthy I would definitely buy the Salad Chef," she said.

Cutting up small red potatoes into fries worked alright but Salad Chef was no match for a large russet potato.  She had to cut it in half making very short fries.

Still Lynn said the Salad Chef would be perfect for making homemade potato salad.

"My recommendation for the Salad Chef" she said, "is two thumbs up."

We have heard from folks who have ordered the Salad Chef on-line or at the toll free number complaining about expensive shipping and add-ons sometimes totaling up to $200. The good news -we've recently spotted the product at Target and Bed, Bath and Beyond where you don't have to pay those extra fees.

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