Try It Review: Miyashi Pillow

9:54 AM, Jun 28, 2011   |    comments
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Miyashi Pillow

ATLANTA -- As a human resources administrator, Beth Owens, spends a lot a time working behind a desk. Sometimes that can be pretty tough because she suffers from lower back pain.

"I injured my back quite a few years ago and I ended up with two herniated disks and arthritis around my spine," she said.

Beth has tried a number of products that claim to help but hasn't found anything that lives up to the promises.

"I just monitor it and manage the best I can," she said.

For just $20, the Miyashi Pillow claims it can give you the relief you're looking for by combining the orthopedic pillow with a built in massaging action.

Beth jumped at the chance to try it out but was skeptical about what she saw.

"It looks very light weight," she said. "I noticed the fabric is not that thick. But it might still work. We'll see"

The pillow is cordless and requires two AA batteries to operate. The first set is included in the box which is always a plus.

There's a button on the side of the pillow to turn it on.

"It is pretty loud," said Beth.

Then she positioned the pillow in her chair to see if it really gives a soothing Japanese spa massage. She said it was comfortable and she could feel the vibration around her lower back.

Even though Beth didn't have a very good first impression, she agreed to use the pillow for a few weeks to see if it lived up to the promises. Then we checked back.

"It works okay for a little support on your back but in turning on the little massage mechanism it just kind of gives a slow little vibration to it," she said. "So it will relax a little bit but doesn't really massage your back."

Beth's bottom line - despite the Miyashi's cheap construction it does give some support but that's about it.

"For the Miyashi Pillow," she said, "my rating is one thumb up and one thumb down."

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