Try It Review: Tool Band-It

9:06 PM, Jun 15, 2011   |    comments
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Tool Band-It

ATLANTA -- When we think of a handy man, 11Alive's own Bill Kalway sets the standard. He knows what to do with a set of tools.

"I do a lot of auto work," he said, "work here at the shop. I work with my hands a lot."

Bill's not a big fan of tool belts so he's always misplacing things or knocking them down.

"Tools fall out of a tool belt, when you're lying on your back under your car," he explained. "Usually winds up lying next to you where you can't reach anything. They just get in the way."

The Tool Band-It adjustable magnetic arm band claims it's the extra hand you need to keep tools and metal parts close by your side. There are 15 rare earth magnets inside the P-V-C band that are supposed to hold up to 15 pounds.

Just slip the Tool Band-It over your arm and secure with the adjustable straps. It fits arms eight to 14 inches in diameter.

Bill was able to pile on seven tools including a ten inch adjustable wrench and a couple of big pliers.

"It's pretty heavy by the time you get all that but I might use it," he said.

So Bill took it outside to see if it would help when working on his truck.

"I was surprised that it would hold that many tools and still stick.  "Even shaking it slightly, they're still sticking," he said.

Just be careful not to shake your arm too hard because things still can fall off.

The maker warns the Tool Band-It has a strong magnetic field that can damage computers, credit cards, watches and hearing aids. Also folks with pacemakers and other implanted medical devices are advised to check with their doctor before using it.

Bill said this gadget could come in handy around the house.

"To be up on a ladder where you didn't have to go up and down," he said, "it would probably work very well."

The Tool Band-It retails for $20 plus shipping and handling but we recently spotted it on for less than four bucks.

"For the Tool Band-It," Bill said, "I would give it two thumbs up"

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