Try It Review: One Second Needle

12:47 PM, Jun 13, 2011   |    comments
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One Second Needle

ALPHARETTA, GA - Sewing is never a favorite thing for Valerie Thomas, who often takes clothes to her mom or the cleaners to keep from threading those little needles.

"It's really, really hard," Valerie said. "I mean you really have to focus and concentrate. I was like - okay if I just get this little string and . . . no. It gave me a headache."

The One Second Needle is supposed to make life a whole lot easier for Valerie and others with needle phobias. Simple as 1-2-3, just loop the thread and slide across the special threading opening.

The kit sells for $10 plus shipping and handling and comes with a sewing kit that includes eight needles, rolls of thread, scissors and a small plastic case.

At first Valerie had trouble getting it to work.

"No, that didn't work," she laughed. "It broke off."

But after looking more closely at the directions, she discovered she had not been doing it quite right and soon was quickly threading her needles.

Valerie was even able to thread her needle blindfolded just like in the commercial. She was impressed.

When she tried sewing with the needles, Valerie did complain it is harder pulling it through the fabric.  Also the needles seemed to bend easily.

That's why Valerie said the One Second Needle might be best suited to quick fix jobs.

"For those quick little things you have to sew on, maybe a button or something," she said, "I think it's a great concept."

"For the One Second Needle," she said, "I give it two thumbs up."

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