Try It Review: Furemover Broom

4:57 PM, Jun 3, 2011   |    comments
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Furemover Broom
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  • ALPHARETTA -- As far as the Sewing family is concerned, their eight year-old Golden Retriever Koda is the perfect pet - gentle, well behaved and loving. Perfect except for all the fur he leaves behind.

    "Everywhere," said Steve Sewing, "everywhere in the house, all over the floor, outside, and on your cloths. He's always shedding."

    To keep all that hair in check, Steve says they have to vacuum every other day. But getting it out of the carpet and area rugs is tough going.

    "It picks up the top hair but not the matted in," he said.

    The Furemover Broom by Evriholder claims it grabs pet hair like a magnet and is perfect for getting up hair, lint, dust and dirt from most any surface.

    Steve didn't have a good first impression. "I can't imagine this picking up hair," he said.

    The maker says the secret is the soft bristles made from 100 percent natural rubber. The adjustable handle can expand from 32 to 60 inches.

    Steve went to Koda's favorite spot and began to sweep.

    "Oh my gosh look at that," he said. "I'm surprised."

    Even though the carpet didn't look very dirty, the Furemover seemed to dig out hair we couldn't even see.

    "Now I'm like grossed out," Steve laughed.

    But while the broom was turning up a lot of hair, Steve said using it was a workout.

    "It's not easy," he said. "I'm surprised at how much effort it took to get it out of the carpet. I would have thought it would just kind of roll over the carpet but you really have to work."

    Even though Steve had only swept two small area rugs he was breathing heavily.

    "This is just a small carpeted space," he said, "I can't imagine doing a whole house with this thing."

    Also Steve had a problem getting the rubber brush to stay on the stick. It fell off not just once but several times.

    "It didn't seem very durable," he said. "This thing just kept popping off."

    The Furemover sells for about $15.  It also has a squeegee on one side to help clean up wet messes.

    So while the Furemover really works at getting up pet hair, Steve says it's just too much work.

    "My rating for the Furemover Broom," he said, "is thumbs down."

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