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Try It Review: Protecta Oven Shelf Guard

9:55 AM, May 26, 2011   |    comments
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Protecta Oven Shelf Guard
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  • ALPHARETTA -- Even the most experienced chef can sometimes get careless around a hot oven.

    Valerie Thomas has lots of painful memories.

    "All the time, I have, they've cleared up over the years but yeah, plenty of burns," she said. "I cook a lot of things where I'm just quick to reach in there and pull it out because I'm just not thinking about it. Maybe it's due to habit or I'm just lazy but never think about it. My finger tips, yeah, I still wonder if I have any DNA on them."

    The Protecta Oven Guard claims it can protect your hands and arms when reaching into a hot oven, saving you from nasty burns.

    Installation is simple. Just slip these silicon wraps over the front of your oven racks. Valerie wished they were longer than 15 inches so they would cover the entire rack.

    A set of two sells for $10 plus shipping and handling. They are sold at and at the American distributor Planit Products website.

    The guards withstand heat up to 500 degrees, so Valerie cranks her oven up to 450 and popped in a pan of baked beans.

    Later when Valerie reaches in to stir the food she brushed up against the Oven Guard with no ill effects.

    "When I do hit, I just hit it lightly and I don't burn myself," she said. "You still have to be cautious because it's still hot. It's still silicon so it's going to heat up but does protect you if your hand slightly touches that rubbery part; it's not going to burn."

    The maker recommends that you still use an oven mitt when pulling the rack out because the guard gets pretty hot. However Valerie was able to pull the rack out using the Oven Guard if she moved quickly.

    "I wouldn't recommend you to do it but if you get careless and you do it, you wouldn't get burned," she said.

    The Oven Guard can be removed for cleaning - either by hand or in the dishwasher.

    So after her hands on test, Valerie's fingers are burn free and she's ready to put her thumbs to work.

    "For the Protecta Oven Shelf Guard," she said, "I give it a one thumb up."

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