Try It Review: Pixos activity sets

2:54 PM, May 25, 2011   |    comments
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Pixos Activity Sets

SANDY SPRINGS -- The Pixos activity sets claim to let kids four and up make fun, safe and easy crafts. And unlike older versions of bead crafts, there's no ironing, just spray with water to make them stick together.

As a mom of two, Lisa Foy is always on the lookout for things to keep her kids occupied.

We asked her son, Pearson and his friend, Lucy to try out the $15 Pixos Travel Kit.

Lisa had concerns as soon as she opened the box.

"I think it would be a little bit challenging for little hands with these tiny beads," she said.

The suction tool that is supposed to help lift up the beads was pretty tough for the four year-olds to use. Before long they had pitched that and resorted to using their fingers.

The idea is to follow the printed designs to make plastic toys and jewelry. Lucy tried her hand at making a pink butterfly while Pearson preferred to come up with his own creation.

"A boat," said Pearson.

"Very tedious, very tedious," Lisa said. "I don't know if I would have the patience to watch them do this."

However Lisa said the toy could help develop fine motor skills like using a pencil. "I think it would help if they have the patience and they don't get frustrated with it," she said.

Another concern for Lisa is there are not many beads included with the set.

"So it might be frustrating if you're trying to make more than one picture with the same color," she said. "You might run out pretty quickly."

Spin Master sells refill sets for about $4 to $20.

When the design is finished, just spray with water. But the kids will have to wait about an hour for it to dry before they can pick up their creations.

While our testers seemed to be enjoying themselves, Mom thinks this might be better suited for older kids. Her grade?

"My rating for Pixos," Lisa said, "is one thumb up and one thumb down."

What about Lucy and Pearson?

"Thumbs up," they cheered.

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