Try It Review: Chef Basket

10:28 AM, May 24, 2011   |    comments
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Chef Basket

SANDY SPRINGS, GA -- Like many busy moms. Christy David is looking for any help she can get in the kitchen.

"We have ballet and baseball and piano and school volunteer thing," she said. "So we don't stop."

Christy makes a point of eating as a family every night but admits it can be a challenge.

"Some nights are more fabulous dinners than others depending on what we have going on," she said.

The Chef Basket claims it's the new cooking dynamo that has dozens of uses like straining pasta, deep frying and steaming.

The wire framed gadget folds flat but expands into a small basket with handles that can also be used as a stand. Christy was impressed with the compact design.

"It would fit in a drawer nicely," she said.

First she tried it as a colander to wash some lettuce for a salad.

"It's a little wobbly," she complained. "It makes me nervous because I really wouldn't want the food to touch the bottom of the sink."

Next she washed some broccoli and carrots in it, then used it as a steamer. Christy thought that was pretty handy.

In less than ten minutes, she had a healthy side dish."

"Perfect," she said after tasting it.

"If you were really into steaming," Christy said, "I think it's a great, easy steaming tool."

The Chef Basket claims it's perfect for cooking and straining pasta. So Christy poured some elbow macaroni into the Chef Basket and let it boil. The idea is when it's cooked, you just lift it out of the boiling water to drain. At least that's the idea.

"We lost some of our pasta," Christy said. "It fell through the holes."

So Christy had to get out her colander to pour her pasta into. The maker recommends you only use the Chef Basket for large pasta shells.

We've seen the Chef Basket sell for $10 to $15.

So does Christy think it's worth it?

"For the Chef Basket," she said, "my rating is one up and one down."

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