Try It Review: Moon Dough

10:03 AM, May 5, 2011   |    comments
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Moon Dough

SANDY SPRINGS, GA -- As parents, we are always looking for entertaining and constructive toys and activities that help our kids learn and grow.

Amy Williamson, a mother of three, can tell you it's not always easy to do.

"Some crafts are tried and true - the pens, the paper, the Play-doh," she said. "But yeah sometimes they get tired of the same old thing and we need something new to try."

"Moon Dough the revolutionary new dough that is like nothing you've ever played with before."

Moon Dough by Spin Master claims it's revolutionary, magical molding dough that never dries out.

So we bought the Magic Zoo play set that retails for $25. Extra tubs of dough are about three bucks each.

After opening the box and reading the directions, Amy had some reservations.

"It's kinda' complicated," she said, "and there's a lot of pieces."

Spin Master claims it's for kids three and up, so we asked a group of three and four year-olds to try it out.

The idea is to fill the molds with the non-toxic dough and lower them on the winder walkers in the zoo gate.

Unfortunately our preschoolers had a lot of trouble getting the mold to pop open.

Finally Lucy's mom had to step in and help. The mold popped open and the dough bear walked down the ramp.

"I think it would be really hard for a three-year old," Amy said. "I think it's really hard for a four year-old. And it could be pretty hard for a 5 year-old. So they would need a lot of parent help on this."

Still the kids seem to like the feel of this light, wheat-free dough.
"It's squishy," said Lucy. "It's fun to play with."

"I think they like the way it feels," Amy said, "and I think they love the mess."

But be warned, it's very crumbly and soon we had Moon Dough everywhere.

"I don't think I'll be buying the Moon Dough though," Amy said. I think we'll stick with Play-doh, the tried and true."

Mom gave Moon Dough thumbs down.

But the kids felt differently.

"Thumbs up," they yelled.

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