Try It Review: SmartShopper

2:05 PM, May 4, 2011   |    comments
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  • JOHNS CREEK, GA -- To save money and stay focused in the grocery store, home economist recommend you come up shopping list before heading out.

    My mom recently visited me from Chicago.  Her name is Jeanette but we call her Gigi.  She's the first to admit that making lists is not our family's strong point.

    "It takes time," she said. "We always forget something and we don't write it down all the time."

    The SmartShopper voice recognition grocery list organizer claims it can take the hassle out of making lists.

    Just press the record button and say the name of the item you want to add to the list.

    "Spaghetti," Gigi said. "Yes that one came up."

    The SmartShopper will show the name of the item or perhaps a few items that sound similar. Then you just select the one. The SmartShopper has more than 25 hundred items in its memory.

    Unfortunately it doesn't always recognize what you are trying to say.

    "Milk," Gigi said. But the smart shopper displayed "pail, kale and veal. We wondered if the problem was Gigi's Chicago accent.

    You can improve the gadget's recognition skills by recording you own voice in the library or just scroll though the categories and pick what you need from the screen without speaking. You can also add items to the library if you want.

    When you've finished your list - just press the print button. And here's a great feature, the SmartShopper organizes your list by category which should make your shopping trip more efficient.

    "It's nice," said Gigi. "I would like it."

    It can even make a list of errands you need to run, like go to the bank, beauty shop or pay bills. Gigi said that could help her cut down on the number of trips in the car, perhaps saving gas.

    "It would help me remember all of the different places I want to stop," said Gigi.

    The SmartShopper requires four AA batteries and retails for about $80.

    It has a magnetic back so you stick it to your refrigerator where it will always be handy.

    Gigi thinks this would make a unique and thoughtful gift.

    "For the SmartShopper," she said, "I give it two thumbs up."

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