Try It Review: Monkey See, Monkey Do video game

4:42 PM, May 3, 2011   |    comments
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Carnival Games Monkey See Monkey Do for Xbox 360
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  • ATLANTA -- It's after school and kids are gathering at the Warren Holyfield Boys and Girls club in Atlanta. Every day the Boys and Girls club of Metro Atlanta serve over 3000 children, providing a safe place to learn and grow.

    "It's good to play here and stuff," said eight year-old Kaiyu Simmons.

    "They help us," added Antonio Alexander.

    The folks at 2K Play has donated a new Xbox 360 to this branch to see what the kids think of their new Carnival Games Monkey See, Monkey Do video game.

    Unlike other games, you don't use a hand controller to play it. Instead you need the Kinect accessory which tracks your body movements for the ultimate in interactive play.

    "Cool," said Kaiyu, "awesome"

    Monkey See, Monkey Do is actually a set of 20 games that you might see on a carnival midway.

    In Gold Rush Mountain, the kids try to score points while speeding down a mine shaft.

    "The object of the game is to get only the gold coins and don't get any stars," explained 11 year-old Ariyah Jones.

    In Strength Test, kids have to be strong and accurate.

    There's the Hot Air Balloon Race where you pump up the balloon and float to the finish line but watch out for obstacles.

    "It's really fun and interactive," said Ariyah.

    For some down home fun, there's the Pig Race.

    "I'm trying to swat the pig so I can get more speed," said nine year-old Jordan Summers.

    Antonio especially likes the Knock Out Punch.

    "You have to punch the dummy what it says," said Antonio, "which punch to hit it with."

    But this punching bag hits back so players have to be sure to duck.

    In all the Kids thought there were plenty of fun games.

    "It cool and stuff, has a lot of games," said Kaiyu.

    "It's real fun," Jordan said.

    Even the staff at the Boys and Girls Club was impressed with this game.

    "There's a lot of thought to it," said Eric Osborne. He's the Director of Healthy Lifestyles at the Metro Atlanta Boys and Girls Club. "There are a lot of dexterity games with moving hands, gauging distance."

    Kids can play by themselves or compete against a friend. This game is rated "E" for "Everyone", perfect for the entire family and costs about $50.

    "For the Carnival Games, Monkey See, Monkey Do, what's our rating guys?" Jordan asked his fellow testers. "Awesome," they responded.

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