Try It Review: Kodak PlaySport video camera

9:30 AM, May 2, 2011   |    comments
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Kodak PlaySport Waterproof Video Camera
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  • ALPHARETTA, GA -- Eleven year-old Nick Sewing is a budding videographer who loves making his own videos. He helps produce a morning newscast at his school.

    "We have birthdays," he said. "We say good morning. It's just like the news just shorten to five minutes."

    He went to Swim Atlanta's Cumming location with his sister Sarah to check out a new HD video camera by Kodak that is supposed to be waterproof. The PlaySport video camera claims it's tough enough to go anywhere you go.

    So Nick recorded Sarah's swim strokes above and below the water.

    "You usually don't do this ," Nick said as he dunked the PlaySport into the pool, "stick a camera in the water."

    Kodak says the camera can be submerged down to 10 feet underwater.

    So Nick took a plunge into the the deep end of the pool to see for himself.

    Kodak warns that the camera doesn't float and recommends you use the wrist strap at all times in the water.

    Nick took the camera down to eight feet with no problems.
    "It actually works," he said.

    The PlaySport is autofocus and features electronic image stabilization to reduce shaking. There's an H2O mode to improve the color when shooting underwater. The camera also takes still pictures at five megapixel resolution.

    Back at home, Nick uses the supplied HDMI cable to hook the camera up to his Dad's HDTV.

    "It's a pretty good picture," he said.

    The camera can record HD video up to 1080p onto an SD memory card - which is not included in the kit.

    You can also transfer the video to your computer with the USB cable, so you can edit them or upload them to Youtube for Facebook.

    "In like two minutes it finished all nine," Nick said.

    Nick thought the PlaySport would be perfect for shooting in all sorts of extreme situations like on the beach, in the snow or rain.

    "I like it. It's really good," he said. "It's worth having."

    The ZX3 model we tried retails for about $150 but we've seen it sell for less.

    "My rating for the Kodak PlaySport," Nick said, "is two thumbs up."

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