Try It Review: Crayola Colored Bubbles

12:11 PM, Apr 13, 2011   |    comments
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Crayola Colored Bubbles
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  • SANDY SPRINGS, GA - "Mom, I'm Bored," four year-old Pearson complained.

    You've heard it before, kids who are convinced they have nothing to do. So they sit in front of the television for hours on end.

    Whatever happened to enjoying the good outdoors?

    Knoxie Roche has three kids - ages eight, seven and three. She tries to keep them busy.

    "Playing basketball is the big thing we love to do," she said. "They love to run outside and play. They like to draw and color."

    Crayola crayons are popular with most kids. So we wanted to know if a new product, the Crayola Outdoor Colored Bubbles, could also provide children with lots of fun.

    Crayola says their Colored Bubbles are a vibrant alternative to clear soap bubbles and come in purple, blue, green, orange and red.

    But they warn the bubbles will leave stains on cloths, skin, floors - anything they land on. But they say not to worry because everything will wash out.

    So we armed Pearson and his friends, four year-old Lucy along with Patrick and Charlotte, both three, with Crayola's Colored Bubbles Wand Set and the Colored Bubbles Launcher.

    The eight piece Wand Set retails for $10, while the Launcher goes for about $20.

    The preschoolers seem to have a little trouble making the Launcher work and blowing the bubbles from the wands. The bubble solution seems heavier than soap bubbles and didn't float very long.

    Also if the kids didn't keep the Launcher upright, the liquid would pour out the front.

    In just minutes, their shoes, finger, clothes and the driveway were covered in dye.

    The children's moms tried wiping their hands and cloths with wet wipes but the colors didn't come off immediately.

    "I don't mind a mess, but this was a big mess," said Knoxie. "The clear bubbles you can blow and they don't make a mess. They just get sticky and wet which is fine. But these got all over them and they are also a little tough to blow."

    After we confiscated the bubbles from our testers, we washed their cloths and hands and everything came out.

    After washing down the driveway, it still showed some color stains but Crayola promises those will fade after a few rain storms.

    Despite the mess the kids loved the fun and gave Crayola Colored Bubbles an enthusiastic thumbs up.

    But Mom cleans up around the house, so what's her vote?

    "Thumbs down," Knoxie said, "a double thumbs down."

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