Try It Review: Total Pillow

9:47 AM, Apr 13, 2011   |    comments
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Total Pillow

ALPHARETTA, GA -- When he's stretching out on the couch to watch his favorite TV shows, George Prattes wishes he could get more comfortable.

The Total Pillow claims it's filled with tension easing micro-beads that let you twist it into any shape for dozens of uses.

"It certainly has possibilities," George said as he checked it out.

First he gave it a try on the family room couch by folding the pillow in half and laying his head on it.

"Hey you know that's not bad," he said. "Actually that's kind of comfortable. Yeah, this isn't bad I could stay here for a while."

Shaped like a big donut, you can fold or twist it into a number of shapes for lots of situations.

"Gives you good support," George said. "Probably in a car for long trips, this would be a nice position to have it in."

The maker says you can use it in the car, on a plane, at home or even for lumbar support in an uncomfortable office chair.

George tried it while he sat in a hard straight back chair. He twisted the pillow and put it in the small of his back. George said it felt much better.

Lying on the floor is tough for a lot of us. George said he flunked out of yoga because it was killing his neck.

So George lay on the floor and used the Total Pillow to support his head.

"That's perfect doubling it up like this," he said.  "I could do most anything. Maybe I'll even enroll in yoga again."

The pillow is not machine washable - surface clean only.

We've seen it priced from $15 to $20, plus shipping and handling.

"I think I would use it for sure," George said. "It's masculine looking. It's comfortable. It's priced right. It's very versatile."

At about 12 inches across, it's not very big but at least that makes it more portable for those long trips.

"For the Total Pillow," George said, "I give it two thumbs up."

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