Try It Review: Might Fix It Tape

3:17 PM, Mar 31, 2011   |    comments
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Mighty Fix It Silicone Tape
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  • ATLANTA -- When a leak erupts from your garden hose there's no easy repair. So you're either going to buy a new hose or get wet.

    The Mighty Fix It Silicone tape claims it will save you money by easily repairing leaks without paying a plumber. It's supposed to fix, seal and repair almost anything.

    It sells for about $10 plus shipping and handling for six rolls.

    Kenneth Swain is a plumbing instructor at Atlanta Technical College. His motto is "make it right and make it last."

    So we asked him to see if the Fix It Tape really lives up to the promises.

    The silicone tape is supposed to stick to itself and work instantly.

    We poked a small hole into a garden hose and tried to repair it with the Mighty Fix It Tape.

    Mr. Swain cut the tape to length then stretched it around the hose, making sure to overlap the edges.

    Then he hooked the hose up to the spigot and turned on the faucet.

    "I'm going to hold it over there, just in case," he said.

    While it did slow the leak down, it was far from fixed. Water poured out around the tape and a large bubble formed in the center.

    "This did not impress us," Mr. Swain said.

    We tried again using less tape but pulling it tighter.

    "It's still leaking," he said.

    Then we tried a third time using lots of tape with more layers. Still water came through the seal.

    "There's a hole right through it," he said. "It handled well. It wrapped easily but it didn't fix the leak with a small amount or a large amount or several layers. It basically failed."

    The tape can also be used to give extra grip to tools. Mr. Swain said at least that worked.

    "That does have a good feel," he said.

    He was also impressed with the tape's heat resistance which he checked with a plumber's torch.

    "Compared to most tapes it did well," he said, "but it did catch fire at a certain point."

    They also claim the tape can repair electric wires up to 8000 volts. But Mr. Swain warns that since the tape isn't certified by Underwriters Laboratory for electrical work, he'd be cautious.

    So what's the final grade from our plumbing instructor?

    "I've got to go two thumbs down," he said. "It just doesn't meet its claims."

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