Try It Review: Gyro Bowl

8:01 AM, Mar 23, 2011   |    comments
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Gyro Bowl

BUCKHEAD -- When three year-old Alex and his five year-old sister, Celia, have a snack - accidents can happen, some worse than others.

"Things get spilled absolutely everywhere," said their mother, Erin Morton. "I'm constantly cleaning up after them."

The Gyro Bowl claims it will put an end to the spills with its special gyroscopic action that always keeps it open side up.

It sells for about $15 plus shipping and handling.  The seller will throw in a second bowl but doubles the shipping charge.

"Looks pretty cool," Erin said. "Every place you turn it looks like the stuff won't fall out."

The maker claims the Gyro Bowl is 100 percent kid proof. So Erin poured in some goldfish and Alex and Celia started testing.

Unfortunately it wasn't long before goldfish were all over the floor.

As any parent can tell you - kids can always find a way to make a mess.

The problem - the kids were holding the inner bowl keeping it from swiveling. So after explaining to our young testers that they should only hold the Gyro Bowl by the handle, we tried again.

This time the kids shook the bowl and goldfish started flying everywhere. Our testers seemed to be getting a kick out of defeating the bowl's non-spill feature.

"Well yeah," Erin said, "and I think most kids would probably do that. So it's going to be a challenge."

The bowl is supposed to be perfect in the car so Alex brought it along as he took a spin around the house on his electric scooter.

Still there was a trail of goldfish where ever he had been.

The bowl has a snap-on top to store the snacks. At least that seemed to be pretty secure.

"It's not 100 percent spill proof," said Erin. "But it's better than a normal bowl and probably better than a zip lock bag which I usually use in the car."

Alex thought it was a lot of fun. "Good," he said.

Partly a snack bowl, partly a toy - Alex and Celia did enjoy the Gyro Bowl. Alex gave it thumbs up. How about Mom?

"For the Gyro Bowl my rating is thumbs up."

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