Try It Review: DepilSilk Hair Remover

10:37 AM, Mar 17, 2011   |    comments
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DepilSilk Photo Courtesy: Bed, Bath and Beyond
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  • ATLANTA -- Wish you could say goodbye to unwanted hair forever? Are you sick of waxing, shaving and using those strong smelling depilatories to melt your hair away?

    We went to the cosmetology school at Atlanta Technical College to get the scoop on hair removal products. Instructor Henry Wise says "caveat emptor" or "buyer beware".

    "I don't recommend it," he said. "But since there are products that people have concerns about, what we do is try to inform them on proper usage."

    Dr. Deborah Johnson-Blake is like most women - worried that half the products she buys in the store have so many chemicals.

    She says reads the ingredient label sometimes. "However, I still proceed."

    She uses hair removal creams but is always looking for a something to get rid of the hair without all the smell.

    Enter DepilSilk -the spray and wipe away hair remover. DepilSilk claims it gently removes unwanted hair without all the mess and smell.

    Dr. Johnson-Blake doesn't have all the hair that the men and women in the TV commercial but she has a little stubble to remove.

    Instructor Wise says it's important to follow the labeled directions of any hair care product.

    So he sprayed a small test area with the DepilSilk and only left it on for three minutes to make sure that it would not irritate Dr. Johnson-Blake's skin.

    "It's cool and it does have a more refreshing smell," she said.

    It was not enough time to remove much hair but at least it was gentle on the skin.

    "You should have had a lot more hair than this coming off," Mr. Wise said.

    The cucumber melon scent was nice however as the lotion began to dissolve the hair it released a more chemical smell.

    That's because the DepilSilk contains the same active ingredients found in other depilatories like Nair and Veet.

    Mr. Wise then applied a heavier coat of the DepilSilk and left it on for the recommended maximum time of eight minutes.

    Since DepilSilk does contain harsh chemicals, Mr. Wise warns you should not use it on skin that has cuts or irritation.

    "What it is saying is you don't rub the product in," he said, "but just make sure it is covering all the hair."

    To remove, Mr. Wise sprayed water on the skin and gently wiped the hair away. This time - success.

    "There we go," Mr. Wise said. "We put it on a little heavier and more time."

    Dr. Johnson-Blake was pleased with her smooth legs.

    "I think that this might just work," she said.

    DepilSilk comes in a four ounce spray bottle and sells for about $10.  This is not to be used on your face or underarms. There is a separate product included in the box that you can apply to facial hair. The kit also comes with a small cotton towel.

    "My rating for the DepilSilk," Dr. Johnson Blake said, "is two thumbs up."

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