Try It Review: Toastabags

5:42 PM, Mar 16, 2011   |    comments
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ATLANTA - As a working mom, Erin Morton is always looking for something quick and healthy to feed her two kids, five year-old Celia and three year-old Alex.

The good old fashioned grilled cheese sandwich is a staple.

While they're not tough to make, she does have to keep an eye on them while they cook on the griddle.

Erin perked up when we told her about a product that lets you make grilled cheese sandwiches in your toaster.

The Toastabags are heat resistant bags with a Teflon coating that are supposed to make perfect hot toasted sandwiches with no mess.

Erin buttered the bread and added the cheese then slipped the sandwich into the Toastabag.

"I'm very intrigued by this," she said.

Then she popped her sandwiches in the toaster. Celia got to help by pressing the lever.

In a couple of minutes the sandwiches popped up. Erin was pleasantly surprised that her sandwiches were golden brown and perfectly cooked.

"That's pretty cool," she said. "It's good."

Her kids also thought the sandwiches tasted great.

The product came with several recipes for other tasty sounding sandwiches.

You are also supposed to be able to cook pizza slices, chicken tenders and fries in the Toastabags.

Erin tried cooking her kid's favorite meal - chicken tenders and fries - in the toaster.

She did have to keep restarting the toaster until she got the food completely cooked but the meal was ready in several minutes.

"If you're in a rush I think this is really good," Erin said. "Popping them in it took all of three minutes for each thing. I thought that was really good."

Bags sells for about $5.00 but each bag can be washed and reused about 30 times.

The Toastabags are not sold in stores yet. Telebrands sells a set of six bags for about $26 including shipping and handling.  One or two bags can be purchased for less at the PlanIt Products web site and

"For the Toastabags," Erin said, "my rating is thumbs up."

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