Try It Review: Might-D-Light

6:04 PM, Mar 14, 2011   |    comments
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  • ATLANTA -- A television station requires a lot of people to keep it running.  Few people are more important that broadcast engineers like Doug Judson.

    "I fix everything that y'all break," he said, only half jokingly.

    But before he can fix it, Doug has to see what he's doing. So he keeps his electric worklight handy. It's great as long as there's an outlet nearby.

    But when he's outside with no electricity, things get more complicated.

    "Then you're pretty much out of luck," he said. "You use a flashlight on your shoulder and you know."

    The Might-D-Light from Cooper Lighting of Peachtree City is a cordless, rechargeable worklight that's supposed to handle all the jobs around your house.

    We asked Doug to check out the biggest model that boasts 80 LED bulbs and retails for $50.

    "The bulbs look real good," he said. "It seems to hold its position pretty well. I think we'll take it and put it on the back of the racks and see how much light it produces."

    Back in the 11Alive Technical Operations Center Doug took a look around.

    He says while the Might-D-Light isn't as bright as his electric worklight, it isn't bad.

    Built in magnets let you stick the unit to a metal door, tool box or even your car hood.

    "They're not very powerful," Doug said referring to the magnets. "You have to have it all the way open in order to use the magnets."

    There's also a nylon swivel hook so you can hang the light up. Doug just wishes you could rotate the hook 360 degrees.

    "The hook goes this way or it rotates 180 degrees," he said. "It doesn't rotate all the way around."

    The rechargeable batteries are supposed to give you up to two hours of light.

    Doug said he'll stick with his electric worklight here at the office. But what about for the home do-it-yourselfer?

    "Around the house, for under the sink or just around the house tool box," he said, "it's a great purchase"

    "For the Might-D-Light, my rating is two thumbs up."

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