Try It Review: Undercover Mouse Cat Toy

10:33 AM, Mar 7, 2011   |    comments
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DULUTH -- Sophie and Arnie are Maine Coon cats, a big breed weighing up to 25 pounds. And their weight is what's got owners Christy and Stephen Boissey worried.

"They're a little large and the older they've gotten the lazier they've gotten," he said. "They just like to lie around and really do nothing."

"They need exercise to keep the weight down," Stephen added.

He tries to keep them active with all sorts of cat toys but nothing seems to hold their interest.

"Like we'll take the wand thing," he explained, "she's just annoyed that we're playing with her."

The Undercover Mouse pet toy by Panic Mouse claims it will introduce your cat to "new heights of excitement at play."

But at $33 retail, Stephen wondered if it's worth the money.

"It's something running underneath the sheet," he said, "so I thought they might try to pounce on it or try to wrestle with it."

Set up is a snap. Just insert three AA batteries, attach the wand with the durable plastic mouse on the end and cover with the nylon sheet.

The Undercover Mouse features three speed from slow to fast and also a random mode.

Three year-old Arnie's hunter instinct was immediately triggered. He would pounce on the toy from across the room.

"They loved it at first," Stephen said. "The Boy cat, the yellow tabby, he kind of dominated it at first."

But it wasn't long until eight year-old Sophie got in on the action.

"I thought it was great," he said. "She was really into it."

Even when the cat catches and holds the mouse, there's no damage to the toy because of a special gearless drive.

With a couple of hours of play a day, the batteries lasted about two week.

Unfortunately like most toys, Stephen's cats became a little bored with it over time.

"She stayed into it for probably about two weeks and then it kinda' got old a little bit," he said. "But the yellow tabby still loves it. He still plays with it."

"I'll give it two thumbs up," he said. "I liked and they liked it too. It was good."

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